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0. If you heat snow,
1. If you want to drink,
2. If I eat too many sweets,
3. If I get up to early,
4. If you are hungry,
5. If you heat water to 100 C,
6. If the students don%27t do their homework,
7. Does a child cry
8. If you travel to a hot country,
9. If the weather is nice,
10. If I have a toothache,
11. Does he get angry
12. If the sun doesn%27t shine,
13. If somebody drops this vase,
14. Do people get fat
15. If he drinks coffee in the evening,

0. you can eat something.
1. if you come home late?
2. he doesn%27t sleep.
3. don%27t forget hats and sunglasses.
4. it boils.
5. I should go to the dentist.
6. if he is hungry?
7. you can buy a bottle of water.
8. they are punished.
9. it breaks.
10. I gain weight.
11. if they eat too much?
12. we go for a walk.
13. I can do a lot of things.
14. it melts easily.
15. it is cold.