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Revision test 2

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1. Polar bears are thought to have evolved from grizzly bears strandeed on the ice of Arctic. Their fur has become white. Why would this give them advantage in their environment?
A) The seals are attracted to them.
B) The seals cannot see them.
C) They don%27t get infested with algae
D) They are hidden from predators.

2. The widest part of our planet, #, is over 2900km thick. Fill in the gap using the correct word.
A) Mantle
B) Inner core
C) Outer core
D) Crust

3. How is a sedimentary particle fromed?
A) When lava/magma crystalises or cools.
B) When a rock is exposed to weather and it erodes.
C) When little particles combine together.
D) When metamorphic rock melts.

4. Concentration of carbon dioxide in the air now is 0.04%25. 50 years ago, the percentage was slightly different. What was it most likly to be?
A) 0.05%25
B) 0.03%25
C) 1.35%25
D) 0.00%25

5. Humans have an internal skeleton. One of it%27s functions is #.
A) To produce white blood cells.
B) To make our bodies lighter.
C) To give us a more streamlined shape.
D) To protect us agains predators.

6. Alan measured a 1m long iron poker. He left it in the sun for 1h . When he measured it again, he realised that the poker has expanded slightly. What factor caused the expansion?
A) The amount of sunlight ther rod received.
B) The exposure to air for a long lime.
C) The amount of heat transmitted into the poker.
D) The poker didn%27t expand at all, Alan made a mistake when measuring.

7. There are many ways to create electricity. Here are some: -Wind turbines -Solar panels -Burning coal -Nuclear plants Which way depends on fossil fuels?
A) Wind turbines
B) Solar panels
C) Burning coal
D) Nuclear powerplants

8. Concentration of carbon dioxide in the air that you breathe in is 0.04%25. Percentage of carbon dioxide in the air you breathe out is 4.00%25 By how many times has it increased? (Please don%27t use words, only numbers)

9. The, process, of , turning, chemicals, into, energy, is, called, chemosynthesis.
A) undefined
B) undefined
C) undefined
D) undefined

A) Metalab.png

11. Look at the picture above. Which way will the heat transfer happen?
A) Left-to-right
B) Right-to-left
C) Both ways
D) No heat transfer will happen

12. Josh is investigating the resistance of a wire. This wire is made of a substance called nichrome. It is made of iron, nickel and chrome. What is a name of a substance, such as nichrome, made from a mixture of different metals? (please start the sentnce with a capital letter)