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Comparative Adjectives

Author: Craig Paige
Description: Choose the best answer for each question.
Keywords: adjectives, comparing, language, english, words, , online teaching

1. Her car is ____ than mine.
A) faster
B) fastest
C) fast
D) more fast

2. That movie is the ____ movie I%27ve ever seen.
A) worse
B) worst
C) most bad
D) baddest

3. What is the root word of %22prettiest%22?
A) prettier
B) pretty
C) pret
D) pre

4. What is the root word of %22longest%22?
A) longer
B) lon
C) long
D) longs

5. This paint is the ______ I%27ve ever seen.
A) brighter
B) bright
C) brightest
D) more bright

6. This paint is ______ than the other.
A) brighter
B) bright
C) more bright
D) brightest

7. Two is always _____ than one.
A) best
B) more good
C) gooder
D) better

8. What is the root word of %22wider%22?
A) wid
B) wide
C) widest
D) widy

9. My mom makes the ______ cakes.
A) tastier
B) tastiest
C) tasty
D) tastyest