Online teaching

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Communicating Online

Author: Jolliffe Lisa
Keywords: Podcasts, Instant Messaging, Blogs, , , , online teaching

0. Template
1. Blog
2. Strong password
3. Instant Messaging
4. MP3
5. Digital Tools
6. Podcast
7. Avatars
8. Posts
9. Online Communications
10. Personal Learning Network
11. Podcatcher program
12. Cloud Service
13. Connectivism
14. Contact List
15. Deconstruct

0. Having a conversation by typing instead of speaking.
1. Digital resources used to help form your PLN
2. file format with 3 layers of audio
3. Audio, digital, or video recordings you get from the internet.
4. Getting and giving information on the internet
5. A network of resources for educational purposes.
6. A group of sentences about one topic
7. Knowledge exists in the world not just in individuals
8. Controls your blogs page layout and color scheme
9. Program which automatically downloads new podcasts
10. Includes upper and lowercase letters, numbers and symbols
11. Automatically syncs data to all your mobile devices.
12. Diisplay pictures used to represent a person.
13. A website where one posts information on a regular basis.
14. The information of people you know.
15. Analyze what you already know