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Resources of the Colonial Regions (5b)

Author: Gehle Beth
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0. capital resources of New England
1. natural resources of New England
2. natural resources of the South
3. social/political life of the Mid-Atlantic
4. social / political life of the South
5. climate of the Mid-Atlantic
6. human resources of the South
7. climate of New England
8. human resources of the Mid-Atlantic
9. capital resources of the South
10. capital resources of the Mid-Atlantic
11. interdependence
12. social/political life of New England
13. natural resources of the Mid-Atlantic
14. specialization
15. human resources of New England

0. livestock, grains
1. metal tools and equipment, ships, naval supplies
2. tobacco, rice, indigo, cotton
3. craftsmen, shopkeepers, shipbuilders, fishermen
4. depending on each other for goods and services
5. fertile farmland, rivers, harbors, forest products
6. timber, fish, deep harbors
7. Church of England, counties, few cities or schools
8. focusing on one or a few products
9. villages, cities, diverse lifestyles, market towns
10. farmers, enslaved African-Americans
11. moderate summers, cold winters
12. unskilled and skilled workers, fishermen, farmers
13. rich farmlands, rivers, harbors, bays, fish
14. villages, churches, town meetings
15. mild winters, moderate climate