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Colonial Regions

Author: Ekwue Grace
Description: Drag the word to the correct colonial region
Keywords: colonial regions, New England Colonies, Thirteen colonies, Middle Colonies, Southern Colonies, , online teaching

1. New England Colonies
2. Middle Colonies
3. Southern Colonies
4. group_name4

0. Fundamental Orders of Connecticut
1. James Oglethorpe
2. most diverse region
3. 1607
4. Jamestown
5. location of first permanent English settlement
6. had fertile land and a long growing season
7. Dutch settled here
8. William Bradford
9. 1620
10. Pilgrims
11. founded primarily for religious freedom
12. Puritans
13. had mild winters, fertile land, seaports and ironworks
14. %22bread basket%22
15. had long, cold winters and a short growing season
16. Quakers (who wanted to end slavery) settled here
17. had self-sufficient plantations
18. Anne Hutchinson (also kicked out of Mass.)
19. Virginia House of Burgesses
20. Catholics settled here
21. had fishing, shipping, lumber, and small farms
22. most people were involved in agriculture
23. region that promoted tolerance for all
24. had a colony that was a haven for debtors
25. many immigrants moved to this region
26. Roger Williams
27. Mayflower Compact
28. John Winthrop
29. William Penn
30. Thomas Hooker
31. had the largest African-American population