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Summer terms

Author: Hall Matthew
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0. theme
1. Barbados slave code
2. Chesapeake region
3. encomiendero
4. Diaspora
5. almshouse
6. staple crop
7. blue blood
8. papal line of demarcation
9. Brinkley
10. predestination
11. calling
12. AP US History Test
13. passion for subject and dedication to coursework
14. heresy
15. Spain and Portugal

0. area contained the colonies Virginia and Maryland
1. major agricultural product which provided primary source of income
2. bold challenge to authority of leaders such as religious ones
3. displacement of Africans from their homeland to foreign areas
4. all members of class are expected to take this in May
5. belief in a mission or lifetime challenge that was divinely inspired
6. building which housed the poor or those who couldn%27t pay bills
7. Spaniard given land and its native inhabitants within colonies
8. two nations involved with the papal line of demarcation
9. member of a well connected and aristocratic family
10. 1490%27s decision divided up new discoveries
11. oppressive measure served as model for labor system
12. major idea or movement which was discussed in class
13. qualities which students are expected to exhibit this year
14. nickname for AP US textbook, author of textbook
15. doctrine claiming that one%27s fate was established early in life