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UNIT 6 Cold War Vocab

Author: Whittaker Tracy
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0. Plessy vs Ferguson
1. Cuban Missile Crisis
2. Communism
3. GI Bill of Rights
4. Alliances
5. Cold War
6. Iron Curtain
7. Stalemate
8. Warsaw Pact
9. Super power
10. Dictatorial
11. Satellites
12. Withdraw
13. Democracy
14. Ideologies
15. Domino Theory

0. action stops, both sides are equally powerful, no one wins
1. To fail abruptly
2. laws after WWII to help vets pay for college and housing
3. government where people hold the power to rule/ USA%27s gov%27t
4. government owns means of production and controls people
5. economic system based on private property and free enterprise
6. organization of countries that work together for peace
7. A state of tension b/w US and USSR w/out actually fighting
8. gave help to countries to prevent spread of communism
9. few top world powers who compete with one another
10. increased birth rate in the US from 1946-1964
11. belief that if one country falls to communism that its neighbors will
12. An organized action to prevent entrance or exit of a place
13. borderline b/w Communist Eastern Europe %26 free Western Eur
14. US and Britain brought food and goods to Berlin by airplane
15. To come to an end without firing any weapons