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UNIT 6 Cold War Vocab

Author: Whittaker Tracy
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0. Stalemate
1. Baby boom
2. Capitalism
3. Containment
4. Warsaw Pact
5. Alliances
6. Iron Curtain
7. Cold War
8. Collapse
9. Blockade
10. cease-fire
11. Rivalry
12. North Atlantic Treaty Organization
13. Domino Theory
14. Communism
15. Satellites

0. increased birth rate in the US from 1946-1964
1. government owns means of production and controls people
2. A system of social beliefs
3. theory and policy to prevent the spread of Communism
4. gave help to countries to prevent spread of communism
5. belief that if one country falls to communism that its neighbors will
6. When the Soviet Union placed missiles in Cuba
7. organization of countries that work together for peace
8. race to build more powerful weapons
9. Ruled by dictatorship
10. government where people hold the power to rule/ USA%27s gov%27t
11. a military alliance that the Soviet Union controlled
12. The condition of competing with somebody else; competition
13. To fail abruptly
14. Supreme Court decision that made %22separate but equal%22 law
15. An organized action to prevent entrance or exit of a place