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UNIT 6 Cold War Vocab

Author: Whittaker Tracy
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0. United Nations
1. Domino Theory
2. Stalemate
3. Collapse
4. Super power
5. Berlin Airlift
6. Blockade
7. Cuban Missile Crisis
8. cease-fire
9. Baby boom
10. Capitalism
11. Communism
12. Truman Doctrine
13. Arms race
14. Cold War
15. Ideologies

0. government where people hold the power to rule/ USA%27s gov%27t
1. belief that if one country falls to communism that its neighbors will
2. economic system based on private property and free enterprise
3. A system of social beliefs
4. To fail abruptly
5. borderline b/w Communist Eastern Europe %26 free Western Eur
6. race to build more powerful weapons
7. The condition of competing with somebody else; competition
8. few top world powers who compete with one another
9. laws after WWII to help vets pay for college and housing
10. When the Soviet Union placed missiles in Cuba
11. organization of countries that work together for peace
12. countries in Eastern Europe taken over by USSR after WWII
13. action stops, both sides are equally powerful, no one wins
14. association to accomplish a common objective
15. government owns means of production and controls people