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Where should I go?

Author: Wittmann Helen
Keywords: campus, help, offices, , , , online teaching

0. I need to register my car
1. Where can I print out my homework?
2. Where can I pay my bill?
3. I am having trouble with one of my classes? Is there help?
4. I need assistance with paying for school, is there any assistance?
5. I%27m really not sure what I want to do with my life, who can help?
6. My Professor is failing me and I don%27t agree. Who can help?
7. How can I prepare to move on to a four year school?
8. I need help picking the rigtht classes for me. Who can help?
9. Are there any Clubs or Activities for Students?
10. I received an letter saying I needed an MMR, who can assist.
11. I have lots of questions. Where can I get help?
12. I need to sign up for classes; where should I go?
13. I don%27t access to a computer are there any available?
14. How do I know the rules of student behavior?
15. I really want to get more involved; where should I go 1st?

0. Public Safety / My SCCC
1. Career Services
2. Student Support Services
3. Transfer Opportunities
4. Academic Computing Centers / Libraries
5. Student Life
6. Health Services
7. Cashier
8. Academic Skills Center / Center for Excellence / EOP
9. Academic Computing / Library
10. Counseling / Advising
11. Registrar
12. Campus Activities
13. Financial Aid
14. College Catalogue / Student
15. The department Chair / Dean of Academic Affairs