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Idiom Matching

Author: Coble Rose
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0. jumped out of my skin
1. high and low
2. something up his sleeve
3. on a shoe string
4. in the red
5. jacked up
6. had a ball
7. the green light
8. handle with kid gloves
9. jumped the gun
10. tickled pink
11. just what the doctor ordered
12. off the record
13. with flying colors
14. way off base
15. jump to conclusions

0. I have looked (everywhere) for the pen I lost.
1. I nearly (fainted from fear) when I saw the huge dog!
2. Our company has been (losing money) for three years now.
3. The girl was (very pleased) when she won the contest.
4. I passed my science test (with great success).
5. I think he has (a secret plan) that we will discover later.
6. You were (very wrong) with your answer on number 3.
7. We (had a lot of fun) at the stock show.
8. We started our business (on a limited budget).
9. You shouldn%27t (decide too quickly) and blame him.
10. The principal gave us (permission) to leave on the trip.
11. A nice quiet vacation is (just what he needs).
12. The politician told him (unofficially) he would not run for the office.
13. The companies (raised) the prices of their computers.
14. I think they have (begun a little too early) with their campaign.
15. She is very emotional so you must (be very sensitive).