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Gentry%27s Developmental Stages of Spelling

Author: Mitchell Chrystine
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1. Precommunicative
2. Semiphonetic
3. Phonetic
4. Transitional

0. Production of letter forms to create a message
1. Letters in uppercase form
2. Alphabet knowledge more apparent
3. Vowels appear in every syllable
4. Random string of letters
5. Knowledge that letters have sound
6. Total word mapping
7. May reverse some letters
8. No understanding of directionality
9. Partial mapping of phonetic representation
10. Systematically develop spelling patterns
11. Differentiate alternate spellings for the same sound
12. Includes symbols
13. Uses letters that match their letter names (U for you)
14. Letters are assigned by sound not by orthography
15. Generally use learned words
16. Some alphabetic knowledge
17. Grasps left-to-right directionality
18. Word segmentation generally in evidence
19. Common English letter sequences are used
20. Mixes upper and lower case letters