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Civil War People Matching

Author: Gehle Beth
Keywords: Civil War, Virginia USI SOL, , , , , online teaching

0. Isabella %22Sojourner%22 Truth
1. Thomas %22Stonewall%22 Jackson
2. William Lloyd Garrison
3. Jo Anderson
4. Jefferson Davis
5. Frederick Douglass
6. Robert Fulton
7. Susan B. Anthony
8. Harriet Tubman
9. Clara Barton
10. Cyrus McCormick
11. Ulysses S. Grant
12. Robert E. Lee
13. Robert Smalls
14. Eli Whitney
15. Abraham Lincoln

0. an African-American naval captain, became a Congressman
1. one inventor of the mechanical reaper, was an enslaved person
2. improved the steamboat
3. a Civil War nurse who went on to create the American Red Cross
4. president of the Confederacy
5. skilled Confederate general from Virginia
6. invented the cotton gin
7. former enslaved person who worked for women%27s suffrage
8. Union general
9. leader of the Army of Northern Virginia
10. an advocate to gain voting rights for women
11. Underground Railroad conductor
12. one inventor of the mechanical reaper
13. abolitionist with a newspaper called The Liberator
14. wrote the Gettysburg Address
15. enslaved African American who escaped and became an abolitionist