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Civil War 3 - major concept review

Author: Hall Matthew
Description: Complete this activity after reading Brinkley chapter 14. Please continue doing the activity until earning at least 90%25.
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0. Confiscation Actds
1. West Point
2. baseball
3. casualties
4. -states%27 rights -slavery -representation -tariffs
5. Jefferson Davis
6. another name for the North during the Civil War
7. 1860 and 1864
8. Tredegar Iron Works
9. What resolved the issue over the legitimacy of secession?
10. 1865
11. Gettysburg Address
12. 1861
13. Gettysburg
14. rifled firearms
15. transcontinental

0. speech given to dedicate cemetery for war dead
1. count of dead and wounded soldiers during wartime
2. North won Civil War and leaders declared it was not permitted
3. Union
4. Congress invested in this railroad during the Civil War
5. freed some slaves before the Emancipation Proclamation
6. only president of the Confederate States of America
7. academy from which major officers had received training
8. issues North and South argued over before the Civil War
9. last year of the Civil War
10. major sport enjoyed by both sides during the Civil War
11. last major battle on Northern soil
12. major ordinance manufacturer for Confederacy
13. years in which Lincoln was elected president
14. slit inside barrel created %22spin%22 which increased accuracy
15. first year of the Civil War