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Civil War 1 - major concept review

Author: Hall Matthew
Description: After reading Chapter 14 from the Brinkley book, complete this key concept exercise. If you would like a letter clue, click on %22reveal lettter%22 and then a square of the puzzle. This can be done for three of the letters on the puzzle. Please complete this activity until earning at least 90%25.
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Crossword hints:
___________ was elected president in 1860., Within 1861, The United States was jolted by the outbreak of the ______________., a word which represented most of the South during the Civil War, The tragic war between the states ended in 1865 with the _____________ of the South., The South was the first side to use the ____________________ during the war as a way in which to gain additional recruits., The word %22theater%22 referred to a major region where fighting occurred. General ___________ was a hero of the Western Theater who received high praise from Lincoln., The _______________ Act passed by the Republican Congress provided 150-160 acres of land to people who paid a small registration fee and agreed to settle there for five years., New York politician William Seward claimed that the tensions between the North and South represented an ________________ conflict., %22Border states%22 which didn%27t leave the Union included Missouri, Kentucky, West Virginia, Delaware and ________., President Lincoln faced one of the toughest political challenges of his career when former General __________ was nominated by the Democratic Party in 1864., In reaction to the Northern policy of conscription, citizens in the metropolis of _____________ broke out in a riot. , This was the first state to secede from the Union in the 1860%27s., A major federal fort which fell to the South after being bombed into submission in 1861 was ___________.,

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