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Civil War

Author: Sorrell Heather
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0. William Lloyd Garrison
1. Frederick Douglass
2. Harriet Beecher Stowe
3. Nullification Crisis
4. Gettysburg Address
5. Scott v Sanford
6. Compromise of 1850
7. Emancipation Proclamation
8. Missouri Compromise
9. Battle of Gettysburg
10. Appomatox
11. Harper%27s Ferry
12. Tariffs
13. 1860
14. 1861
15. Kansas-Nebraska Act

0. where General Robert E Lee surrendered to General Grant
1. Supreme Cout said slavery legal anywhere, slaves property
2. 1832 SC threatened Civil War over tariff, said they wouldn%27t pay
3. Lincoln said America one nation, based on equality
4. drew line thorugh Lousiana Purchase, made two new states
5. Union Victory, turning point of Civil War
6. allowed voters to decide on slavery, led to Rep. Party
7. published abolitionisht newspaper %22Liberator%22
8. encouraged Lincoln to use slaves to fight the Confederacy
9. Ft Sumter attacked, opening confrontation of Civil War
10. Republican Lincoln elected leading to SC seceding
11. Where John Brown attempted to lead slave revolt
12. tax that southerners opposed but northerners liked
13. Ca became free state, strict Fugitive slave act past
14. fueld abolition debate with Uncle Tom%27s Cabin
15. freed slaves in rebelling states, made ending slavery war aim