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Author: Gardner Lesley
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1. Which of these do you put on a Christmas tree?
A) greenfly spray
B) blackbird nest
C) star
D) Christmas cake

2. What do you leave out for the Reindeer?
A) carrot
B) bucket of chips
C) gin
D) computer

3. Christmas Eve is
A) 24th December
B) 1st January
C) 25th December
D) 1st April

4. On the first day of Christmas my True Love sent to me
A) a bumpy old knobbly knee
B) a partridge in a pear tree
C) 1 cute and stripy little bee
D) a brick

5. Christmas is a time to be
A) grumpy
B) quiet
C) late
D) merry

6. Jingle bells, Jingle bells, Jingle all the
A) time
B) day
C) dingle
D) way

7. Rudolph the red nosed reindeer Had a very shiny
A) nose
B) 5p piece
C) badge
D) trophy

8. At Christmas, people
A) buy chocolate eggs
B) send cards to friends and family
C) play tricks on their friends
D) carve pumpkins

9. Holly is a traditional Christmas tree. It has red
A) leaves
B) flowers
C) berries
D) prickles