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Christianity Review

Author: Siler Brandy
Description: This review will help you prepare for a short assessment over our 2-class mini-unit on Christianity. If you can make a 100%25 on this game three times in a row, you should do well. You will need to play more than once to see all of the questions.
Keywords: Jesus, Disciples, Early Church, Parables, Salvation, , online teaching

0. Examples of Parables
1. clergy
2. laity
3. Paul
4. hierarchy
5. resurrection
6. gospel
7. Judaea and Galilee
8. What scripture is shared by Jews %26 Christians?
9. Crucifixion
10. Constantine
11. Jesus said love God with all your heart,mind, soul, %26 strength. %2b
12. martyr
13. Reason Romans feared Jesus
14. Christmas
15. Church

0. Christian celebration of Jesus%27 birth
1. communities for worship and teaching
2. The ethnic and religious background of Jesus
3. concept of one God in 3 forms-Father, Son, %26 Holy Spirit
4. His huge following might disrupt Roman law and order
5. the Son of God
6. Christian emporer who made Christianity legal
7. Christian miss-ionary %26 author of much of the New Testament
8. leaders of the church (ex: ministers, pastors, priests)
9. regular church members
10. Good Samaritan Lost Sheep Prodigal Son
11. Execution by cross; used for rebels and low-class criminals
12. to mistreat a person because of his/her beliefs or differences
13. A message which included many of Jesus%27 key points
14. Underground burial places
15. Christian celebration of Jesus%27 resurrection