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Author: costa mariana
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1. hree atoms whose atomic numbers are 8, 11 and 33 are classified in the periodic table, respectively, as:
A) semi-metal, metal, semimetal.
B) non-metal, metal, metal.
C) non-metal, metal and semimetal.
D) metal, metal, metal.

2. Check the chemical element classified as alkaline earth metal.
A) K
B) Ti
C) Ga
D) Ca

3. If a particular element of the periodic table is in family 2A in the periodic table, to bonding is necessary to:
A) Lose an electron.
B) Gain six electrons.
C) Lose two electrons.
D) Gain two electrons.

4. The nucleus of most atoms is made up of:
A) protons and neutrons.
B) neutrons and electrons
C) protons and electrons
D) electrons and protons

5. The bond between a metal and a non-metals, in which they share electrons, is known as a bonding:
A) Covalent.
B) Ionic.
C) :P
D) :)

6. N2 %2b O2 --%3e __NO What number should go in front of the N to balance this equation?
A) 0
B) 1
C) 2
D) 4

7. Complete: One mole is set by defining one mole of _________ atoms to have a mass of exactly 12 grams.
A) carbon-10
B) carbon-12
C) oxygen-12
D) oxygen-10

8. How many particles one atom equals?
A) 6 x 1023
B) 2.06 x 1023
C) 6.02 x 1024
D) 6.02 x 1023

9. How many moles are in 50g of H2O?
A) 2.7 moles
B) 12 moles
C) 12 g
D) 2.7 g