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Chapter Two

Author: teacher silver
Description: Macth the sentences and the right categories.
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1. Happy Brides, sheer pleasure.
2. Disillusions
3. Pain
4. Torture

0. Happy brides
1. Disillusion
2. Pain
3. Torture
4. They took us with exquisite care
5. They took us for granted
6. They took us even though we knelt down at their feet
7. They took us violently
8. They took us in the best hotels in San Fransisco
9. They took us drunkenly
10. they took us roughly and with no mind for our pain
11. They took us event though we hit them
12. They took us politely.
13. they took us in six secondes...that%27s it?
14. I thought my uterus was about to explode.
15. They tied us and took us face down
16. They took us as we cried out with pleasure.
17. They took us thinking of some other women...