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Ch. 5 Saber-Tooth Curriculum

Author: Oquinn Brittney
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1. Describe the difference between the %22clever/smart fisherman%22 and the %22slow fisherman%22

2. One day a # got upon a rock by the creek bed and addressed his fellows in the following words. %22The whole trouble with our ecenomic system liew in those original rules which were figured out by some smart boys at the expense of some dumb boys and then adopted by the chiefs just because the smart boys belonged to their gang. (p.107)
A) demented tribesman

3. Who stated that %22In education shouldn%27t we do something definite, have something clearly in mind, have a particular goal which will modify the behavior of our people so that they can arrange some system of hunting and fishing that will keep them better from starvation?%22 (p.109)
A) demented tribesman
B) observent teacher
C) clever fisherman
D) Answer_4_(optional)

4. One of the main issues in chapter 5 was the failing economic system due to the lack of education. %22The whole trouble with our economic system lies in thoes original rules which were figured out by some smart boys at the expense of some dumb boys and hten adopted by the chiefs just because they smart boys belonged to their gang%22 (p.107)

5. During this time, the economic system was flourishing, and everyone had enough property to live/work, and food to eat.

6. What were some of the Main issues and Concerns in Ch. 5 that have to deal with the historic context of the time period?
A) Unemployment
B) Starvation
C) Teachers afraid to stand up and push for needed changes in the education system
D) all the above

7. Do you agree that %22The American Federation of Teachers is an unprofessional organization . . . to ally themselves with labor . . . is a shameful thing%22. (p.93) Yes or No, and Why or Why not?

8. What connections can you make with the following quote to our couse materials? %22We will teach them how to think, not what to think.%22 (p.109)

9. Do you agree that present teacher are too scared to stand up for what they know is right for the community and their students for the fear of getting fired or some kind of ramification, just like the teachers in this chapter?
A) yes
B) no
C) Why?
D) Answer_4_(optional)