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Lesson 2 Vocabulary

Author: Swift Michelle
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0. Network License
1. Web Applications
2. Open Source
3. Single-User License
4. Software as a Service (SaaS)
5. Graphical User Interface
6. Application Software
7. Upgrade
8. Software License
9. Bundleware
10. Hardware
11. Language Translators
12. Shareware
13. Freeware
14. Operating System
15. File System

0. License that gives you the right to install software on a single computer
1. Software that is downloadable for free on a trial basis
2. Application that is accessed through a Web browser over a network
3. Application is licensed for use as a service through the Internet
4. Replacing Software with a newer %26 better version
5. Software that is given away by the author, but they retain the copyright
6. System software that provides an interface with the user, apps, %26 hardware
7. Intangible set of instructions that tells the computer what to do
8. Gives you permission to use and/or install a software program
9. Free software that can be modified %26 redistributed
10. Tangible collection of physical parts of a computer system
11. Also called productivity software; helps you perform specific tasks
12. Gves the organization the right to install a ogram on a server
13. Translates Binary Code into an executable program
14. Software included with the purchase of a new computer
15. Applied over software that you already have installed to correct errors