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Author: Flavell C
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0. Particle
1. Compression
2. Boils
3. Condensation
4. Density
5. Water
6. Freezing
7. Melting
8. Volume
9. Expansion
10. Contraction
11. Diffusion
12. Evaporation
13. Gas
14. Liquid
15. Solid

0. A gas turning back into a liquid
1. These particles are all touching in a regular pattern
2. A measure of how much space particles are in
3. These particles are close together but move freely
4. A simple example of a liquid
5. The is the smallest part of a substance
6. Particles vibrate and move slighly further apart
7. Liquid particles changing to solid
8. This is a measure of how many particles there are in a certain space
9. This is what happens to water in a kettle
10. A liquid turning to a gas
11. This is when particles spread out
12. A solid changing state to a liquid
13. Particles move slightly closer together
14. This is when particles are squashed closer together
15. These particles are spread out and do not touch each other