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Cell Part Function Match

Author: Richardson Jennifer
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0. ribosomes
1. prokaryote
2. nucleolus
3. eukaryote
4. vacuole
5. microscope
6. mitochondria
7. chloroplasts
8. nuclear membrane
9. cell wall
10. parts in plant cells only
11. cell membrane
12. chromosomes
13. cells
14. nucleus
15. cytoplasm

0. outer barrier of plant cells only
1. cell that does have a nucleus Example) plant cell
2. All living things are made of ___.
3. control center of the cell
4. the %22gel%22 of the cell
5. controls what enters or leaves the cell
6. surrounds nucleus
7. makes protein in the cell
8. large storage tank in plant cells
9. Device we need to use to magnify the cells in order to see them.
10. contain DNA
11. Inside the nucleus; makes ribosomes
12. produces food in plant cells by capturing sun%27s energy
13. cell that does not have a nucleus. Example) bacteria
14. produces cell%27s energy
15. chloroplast, cell wall, large vacuole