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Cell Organelle Matching Practice

Author: Stewart Kiara
Description: Match Cell Organelle with it specific function
Keywords: Cell , Organelles , Pracitce , , , , online teaching

0. Prokarytoic Cells
1. Nucleus
2. Eukaryotic Cells
3. Cytoplasm
4. Mitochondria
5. Choloroplast
6. Rough endoplamic reticulum
7. lysosome
8. Nucelous
9. Vacuole
10. Golgi Apparatus
11. Smooth endoplasmic reticulum
12. Cell Membrane
13. Cell Wall
14. Ribosomes
15. Nuclear Membrane

0. Assists the ribosomes in making proteins
1. involved in the production of fats and lipids for the cell
2. stores food water and waste/ 90%25 of plant cell
3. converts sunlight to energy for plant cell
4. controls what goes in and out of cell
5. Means %22 True Nucleus%22
6. packages and ships cell products in and out of cell
7. Means %22 Before Nucleus%22
8. controls what goes in andout of the nucleus
9. converts sugars into engery for the cell
10. makes the ribosomes for the cell
11. destroy worn out or damaged organelles/ gets rid of cell waste
12. provides structure to plant cell
13. keep everyhting in the cell in place
14. Controls the functions of the cell
15. primary production place of proteins