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Unit 5

Author: Lowman Talitha
Description: Match each word or term with the sentence that best describes it.
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0. PIN
1. debit and credit cards
2. Bill Due Date
3. last step if you cannot pay bills on time
4. currency
5. High Credit Score
6. remittance information
7. 1st step if you have trouble paying a bill
8. credit cards
9. Identity theft
10. minimum payment
11. Currency, check and Debit
12. Automatic Draft
13. fees
14. Consequences of not paying bills on time
15. online bill pay

0. Adjust your budget, after call and send certified mail
1. when some uses your personal info to create credit accounts
2. Personal Identification Number
3. what you must pay to stay in good standing with a company
4. lower credit score and late fees
5. Contact the lender by phone
6. good for regular monthly payments
7. results from paying bills on time and long credit history
8. charges from a bank or lender
9. allows you to pay for a purchas over time
10. may or may not charge fees
11. coins and bills
12. allows you to reserve hotel rooms
13. What you should record on a calendar as soon as you open it.
14. 3 main forms of cash
15. tells to whom and where to send your payment