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Car parts

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0. Rear-view mirror
1. Bonnet/ hood
2. Door
3. Sunroof
4. Break
5. Accelerator
6. Windscreen wiper
7. Indicator
8. Boot/ trunk
9. Headlight
10. Sunvisor
11. Steering wheel
12. Glove compartment
13. Dashboard
14. Clutch
15. Side mirror

0. something that shows you what is going on next to the car
1. a place in the car where all important gauges can be found
2. something that allows you to turn the car left and right
3. a space where you can hold your smaller things e.g. atlas, tissues etc
4. something in the ceiling of a car that lets the air and sun in
5. something you use to get in and out of a car
6. something that shows other drivers where you are planning to go
7. something that protects and cover the engine
8. something that lets you increase speed
9. something that helps to see behind the car
10. a space in the car where you can hold your things e.g. luggage
11. something that lets you decrease speed
12. something that must be turned on when you drive, shows you the way
13. something that protects you from the sun
14. something that allows you to switch gear
15. something that cleans the window of a car