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Cardiac Medications

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1. Which drug is contraindicated by hypotension, right-sided MI and ED drugs w/in the last 24-48 hrs?
A) Epinephrine
C) Albuterol
D) Aspirin

2. What is required before giving NTG, Morphine, or any IV drugs?
A) Placement of an IV
B) Obtain a blood pressure
C) A c-collar
D) Check pupils

3. What is the correct dose and concentration for Aspirin when used for chest pain?
A) 2-4 tablets of 81 mg baby aspirin
B) 1 tablet of 81 mg baby aspirin
C) 2 tablets of 325mg adult aspirin
D) 6 tablets of 81 mg baby aspirin

4. What is the adult dose of epinephrine when used for cardiac arrest?
A) 10mg 1:10000 q 3-5 mins
B) 1g 1:1000 q 6-10 mins
C) 100mg 1:10000 q 4-6 mins
D) 1mg 1:10000 q 3-5 mins

5. What medication is contraindicated by bleeding and is not meant to be given by an EMT to children under 12?
A) Albuterol
B) Verapemil
C) Lidocaine
D) Aspirin

6. What class of drug is Aspirin?
A) Antipyretic
B) Analgesic
C) Antiplatelet
D) Antiseptic

7. What class of drug is Epinephrine?
A) Negative inotrope
B) Sympathomimetic
C) Class B
D) Sympatholytic

8. What drug is contraindicated by tachycardia, HTN, and shock?
A) Aspirin
B) Morphine
D) Epinephrine

9. 75 y/o male complaining of chest pain radiating to jaw and down left arm; no hx of previous heart trouble: what would you do for him IN ORDER OF IMPORTANCE?
A) Monitor, obtain BP, IV, Morphine, ASA, NTG, transport, O2
B) O2, monitor, ASA, obtain BP, NTG, IV, Morphine, transport
C) O2, ASA, NTG, obtain BP, monitor, IV, Morphine, transport
D) O2, monitor, Morphine, IV, NTG, obtain BP, ASA, transport