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What can I do?

Description: In this activity, you are going to link the boxes. You have to select the statements with the appropriate suggestions taking into acount the content.
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0. I am not punctual.
1. I can jump very high.
2. I can´t ride a bike.
3. I can throw the ball very far.
4. I have an injury in my elbow.
5. I can´t be alone.
6. I can´t be underwater.
7. I can run very fast.
8. I can play the guitar
9. I can´t cook delicious.
10. I can´t control the ball with my feet.
11. I can fly planes
12. I like to study
13. I have a problem in my throat.
14. I can save people.
15. I can be fitness.

0. You can call a good friend.
1. You can be an athlete.
2. You can´t go cycling.
3. You can´t sing.
4. You can play baseball.
5. You can´t practice swimming.
6. You can´t practice football.
7. You can be a guitarist.
8. You can´t have a job.
9. You can be a pilot.
10. You can play basketball.
11. You can´t prepare the food!
12. You can be a superhero.
13. You can´t eat junk food.
14. You can´t play volleyball.
15. You can be the best student.