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Business Management Chapter 2 Part 1

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0. broke each task into separate motions and eliminated steps
1. Deliberately restricting output
2. One of Taylor%27s best know experiments
3. The Gilbreth%27s isolated factors such as lighting that caused..
4. A focus of one of the Gilbreth%27s study of motion
5. The Father of Scientific Management
6. Before Taylor, supervisors were often hired on the basis of
7. Taylor struggled to get employees to do what he considered ...
8. The Gilbreth%27s goal of filming workers
9. The goal of scientific management
10. Gilbreth said that the greatest waste comes from
11. Taylor believed in using ___ to motivate employees.
12. Frederick Taylor began his career as an employee at
13. The Gilbreth%27s designed systems to ease..
14. scientific management theory
15. Invented by Gilbreth because cameras were erratic

0. Midvale Steel Company
1. micro chronometer
2. “a fair day’s work”
3. worker fatigue
4. Bricklaying trade
5. Discover one best way to do a job, determine the pace...
6. Frederick Taylor
7. use systematic study to find the “one best way”
8. to maximize the efficiency of individual tasks to save time
9. worker fatigue
10. soldiering
11. Motion Study
12. incentives
13. needless, ill-directed, and ineffective motions
14. nepotism
15. Pig Iron