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FM Vocabulary Review

Author: Burwood Amy
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0. Payday Loans
1. Commercial Bank
2. Life Insurance
3. Hourly Rate
4. Want
5. Fixed Expense
6. Dependent
7. W-2 Form
8. Gross Pay
9. Credit Union
10. Insurance
11. Credit Card
12. Disability Insurance
13. Short Term Goal
14. Reconcile
15. Need

0. the federal program that assists older Americans
1. used to determine rates on loans
2. a governement health insurance for those that can%27t afford care
3. financial instituion typically with the highest interest rates charged
4. The amount you are paid before deductions
5. allows you to buy now and pay later
6. items necessary for basic living
7. Saving for an item for less than 1 year
8. the amount you are paid for working more than 40 hours
9. a for profit financial instituion
10. number of items you are expected to assemble in 1 hour
11. protects against storm damage, fire, etc.
12. provides money when someone dies
13. Fees that the governement requires to live and work
14. pays a protion of salary if unable to work because of injury/illness
15. Expenses whose amount changes monthly