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FM Vocabulary Review

Author: Burwood Amy
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0. Need
1. Net Pay
2. Want
3. Credit Score
5. Taxes
6. Production Rate
7. Hourly Rate
8. Credit Union
9. Automatic Draft
10. Life Insurance
11. Gross Pay
12. W-2 Form
13. Reconcile
14. Savings Account
15. Earned Income

0. a governement health insurance for those that can%27t afford care
1. Expenses that are the same amount each month
2. financial instituion typically with the highest interest rates charged
3. the federal program that assists older Americans
4. amount you pay for expenses before the insurance pays
5. a contract to financially protect from unexpected events
6. financial protection for automobile accidents
7. luxury items that aren%27t neccessary
8. Money you are paid for completing a job
9. the amount you are paid for working more than 40 hours
10. an account that pays you interest for the money there
11. a basic account, depost/withdraw money, write checks
12. used to determine rates on loans
13. provides money when someone dies
14. The amount you are paid before deductions
15. Expenses whose amount changes monthly