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FM Vocabulary Review

Author: Burwood Amy
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0. Credit Union
1. Savings Account
2. Deductible
3. Short Term Goal
4. Overtime Pay
5. Need
6. Variable Expense
7. Payday Loans
8. Long Term Goal
9. Home Insurance
10. Earned Income
11. Disability Insurance
12. Gross Pay
13. Commercial Bank
14. Automatic Draft
15. Life Insurance

0. used to determine rates on loans
1. pays a protion of salary if unable to work because of injury/illness
2. to match up your account information with the bank
3. Money you are paid for completing a job
4. Form you are required to give your employer for taxes
5. You must belong to a certain group to open accounts
6. amount you pay for expenses before the insurance pays
7. a for profit financial instituion
8. the amount paid for each hour worked
9. luxury items that aren%27t neccessary
10. Expenses whose amount changes monthly
11. an account that pays you interest for the money there
12. number of items you are expected to assemble in 1 hour
13. Saving for an item for more than 1 year
14. the amount you are paid after deduction, take home pay
15. allows you to buy now and pay later