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buildup behaviour

Author: yyyyyyy sandra
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1. It%27s - (beleefd) to say %22thank you%22.
A) polite
B) rude

2. Why don%27t you _ (gehoorzamen) your parents?
A) obey
B) approve of

3. We _ (kunnen opschieten met) our neighbours very well.
A) get along with
B) cope with

4. The girls _ (plaagden) John with his new haircut.
A) teased
B) tease

5. He stepped on my toe _ (met opzet)
A) on purpose
B) with purpose

6. A _ (pestkop) is a person who bullies.
A) bully
B) bullie

7. Don%27t _ me _ (in de steek laten).
A) let down
B) leave alone

8. In a detox centre you live _ (onder/tussen) addicts.
A) among
B) under

9. He called me a _ (leugenaar).
A) liar
B) lier

10. Don%27t _ (verwaarlozen) your homework.
A) neglect
B) doubt

11. I don%27t know how to _ (aanpakken) a difficult question.
A) tackle
B) pick up

12. They were arrested for _ (vandalisme).
A) hooliganism
B) hooligan

13. What is your e-mail _ (adres)
A) address
B) adress

14. The _ (voorzitster) opened the meeting.
A) chairwoman
B) chairman

15. He spoke with _ (afkeuring) of her behaviour.
A) disapproval
B) disaproval

16. The opposite of polite is _ (onbeleefd)
A) impolite
B) dispolite

17. How do you _ (uitspreken) this word?
A) pronounce
B) say

18. What is the first _ (alinea) about?
A) paragraph
B) paragraf

19. The teacher accepted his _ (excuus)
A) apology
B) behaviour