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Author: shaver Deanna
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0. Wants
1. Income
2. What is a contractual agree signed when you rent an apartment.
3. Net Pay
4. Income
5. Budget
6. Needs
7. Surplus
8. Expenses
9. Grace Period
10. Fixed Expense
11. Variable Expense
12. Gross Pay
13. Deficit
14. Deduction
15. Cost of Living

0. Cost that can be expected at regular intervals and that remains the same amount
1. When youe expenses exceed your income
2. Money that is earned form work, investments, bisiness etx
3. The money needed to sustain a certain level of living
4. Money that is earned from work, investments, businesses etc
5. Lease
6. A plan of your expected income and how you will use it
7. Products, services, or bills you are responsible for payin
8. Nonessential purchases a person wants to feel happy or on with peers
9. Total earnings after payroll takex and other deductions also called take-home
10. Any items subtracted from your paycheck, including state and federal taxes
11. Purchases a person must have to live or succeed or bills that must be paid to remain
12. When your income exceeds your expenses and you have money leftover
13. Time period following your credit card statement date where no interest
14. Cost that appears irregulary or that changes in amount
15. Total earnings before any deductions are taken