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%22Body Systems%22 Chapter Review (Pages 74-79)

Author: Miller Crystal
Description: Match the term with its definition.
Keywords: endocrine, nervous, circulatory, respiratory, systems, , online teaching

0. contract
1. digestive system
2. lungs
3. bronchi
4. endocrine system
5. kidneys
6. esophagus
7. adrenaline
8. excretory system
9. circulatory system
10. large intestine
11. nervous system
12. skeletal system
13. respiratory system
14. sweat
15. tendons

0. sends messages from the brain to the rest of the body
1. organ that absorbs waterfrom undigested food
2. system that provides strength and movement
3. to tighten
4. system that produces hormones, such as adrenaline
5. band that holds muscle to bone
6. organ that produces urine from water
7. system that removes waste from the body
8. muscles work in pairs that do opposite actions
9. air passes through these tubes in the lungs that branch out
10. hormone that increases heart and sends blood to the muscles
11. system that pumps blood throughthe body from the heart
12. system that breaks down food into nutrients
13. muscular tube that carries food to the stomach
14. organ that aids in breathing and removes cardon dioxide
15. control changes in the body