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Circulatory, Respiratory, Nervous, Endocrine System Practice

Author: Miller Crystal
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1. Respiratory System
2. Circulatory System
3. Nervous System
4. Endocrine System

0. Respiratory System
1. Circulatory System
2. Nervous Sysytem
3. Endocrine System
4. helps circulatory system provide oxygen to cells
5. closed system that pumps blood from the heart
6. nerves send messages throughout the body
7. system with glands that produce hormones
8. main organ = lungs
9. main organs are the heart and blood vessels
10. organs include spinal chord, nerves, and brain
11. Hormones are chemicals that control body changes.
12. system containing bronchi (tubes that aid in breathing)
13. helps respiratory system provide oxygen to cells
14. spinal chord passes signals from the brain
15. Adrenaline increases heart rate and blood to muscles.
16. exhale carbon dioxide
17. exchanges oxygen-poor blood for oxygen-rich blood
18. brain organizes information to be sent
19. system made of glands
20. paired with the circulatory system
21. paired with the respiratory system
22. paired with the endocrine system
23. paired with the nervous system