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Cycling of matter and flow of energy

Author: Rodriguez Laura
Description: In this game, you have 20 seconds to answer each question. Difficulty level increases as you answer more questions. One wrong answer means you are out of the game; the final %22survivors%22 will receive a prize at the end. Good luck!
Keywords: ecology, biology, matter, energy, , , online teaching

1. What energy percentage of the previous level does each level of the biomass energy pyramid have?
A) 10%25
B) 50%25
C) 20%25
D) 80%25

2. What happens during the geological carbon cycle?
A) Carbon is turned into food for organisms
B) Carbon is absorbed
C) Carbon levels increase dramatically
D) Carbon moves between rocks, minerals, seawater, atmosphere

3. Name the level of the biomass pyramid?
A) Herbivores, producers, carnivores, decomposers
B) Producers, carnivores, decomposers
C) Producers, herbivores, primary carnivores, secondary carnivores
D) Herbivores, primary producers, secondary producers, carnivores

4. What is the element that is always passed on through the pyramid?
A) Carbon dioxide
B) Carbon
C) Oxygen
D) Nitrogen

5. Why are aerobic and anaerobic respiration important in the cycling of energy and matter?
A) They increase energy levels
B) They improve the eating habits of organisms
C) They are responsible detoxifying the environment
D) They facilitate the transport of nutrients

6. What decreases as you go up the energy/biomass pyramid?
A) Available energy, biomass, and population
B) Carbon, oxygen, and available nutrients
C) Nothing decreases
D) Nourishing properties, available resources, food quality

7. What element atoms are conserved as they move through the ecosystem?
A) Carbon dioxide, phosphorous, oxygen, nitrogen
B) Carbon, magnesium, hydrogen, oxygen
C) Carbon dioxide, oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen
D) Carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen