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Cadet Guide Quiz

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0. Poor choices
1. Integrity
2. Two criteria of physical fitness
3. ASI
4. Form for PT program
5. Cadet behaviors (Service before self)
6. 4 goals
7. How should cadets address ASI%27s
8. Honor code
9. The Mission
10. Your ASI%27s
11. Number one goal
12. Core values
13. Cadets not considered for promotion
15. Participation is strictly

0. voluntary
1. Knowing what is right and doing it even when nobody is looking
2. follows rules, trustworthy, respectful, disciplined, motivation
3. 3 unexcused absences.
4. citizenship, service, resonsability, accomplishment
5. I will not lie steal or cheat nor will I tolerate those who do.
6. Aerospace Science Instructor
7. To develop citizens of character.
8. Integrity first, service before self, excellence in all we do.
9. Major Butler and Seargent Sneymer
10. Lying, stealing, cheating.
11. High school diploma
12. Sir or Major Butler, Seargent Sneymer
13. Air Force Junior Reserve Training Corp.
14. Cadet physical fitness test waiver request
15. Training and testing