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Benchmark practice

Author: Kissinger Sara
Description: Match questions about the benchmark, and test taking strategies
Keywords: Barker, Benchmark practice, test taking stragies, , , , online teaching

0. what should you do before you begin to write your rough draft
1. What should you do first to an open response question?
2. This fig. language compares 2 things using like or as
3. What is a diagram you can use to compare and contrast
4. on, off, around, near, below, by are all examples of
5. What does a complete sentece always have?
6. What is the main idea of a passage
7. What do you have to have to make an inference?
8. What should your lead do in your paper?
9. What should you do after you write your open response?
10. What should you do before you read a passage?
11. What are picture, captions, headings, etc. called?
12. Where should your support or evidence come from?
13. What does %22in sequence%22 mean
14. What does using a variety of sentences mean?
15. What does %22draw a conclusion%22 mean?

0. Look at the multiple choice questions
1. The passage
2. Break it down and label it.
3. in time order, or the correct order
4. Text features
5. evidence or details from the passage
6. Re-read what you wrote quietly to yourself
7. The overall idea, or what it is MOSTLY about
8. simile
9. prepositions
10. a subject and a verb
11. Venn Diagram
12. Using both long a short sentences.
13. hook your reader
14. Prewrite or plan
15. what did you learn, or figure out from this text