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Behave! Behave! Behave!

Author: Lawrence Megan
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1. Is classical conditioning voluntary or involuntary?
A) Voluntary
B) Involuntary
C) Neither
D) Both

2. Is operant conditioning the same as classical?
A) Yes, because they both condition children.
B) Yes, because they have to do with behaviorism.
C) No, because operant conditioning is voluntary not involuntary.
D) No, because that would be silly.

3. If Helena doesn%27t interupt during a lesson then she can walk around the room for the next lesson. What is this displaying?
A) Premack Principle
B) Social Learning
C) Punishment
D) Pepperoni Principle

4. Is vicarious learning done by observation or by experience?
A) Observation
B) Neither
C) Experience
D) Both

5. Enactive Learning is learning by doing something. True or false?
A) Both
B) True
C) False
D) Huh?

6. Billy was given a gold star when he turned in his homework. What kind of reinforcement is this?
A) Negative
B) Punishment
C) Positive
D) Both

7. The teacher silently sticks a bubble in her mouth to get her students to be quiet. What is this?
A) Prompting
B) Vicarious Learning
C) Strange
D) Cueing

8. After cueing her class the teacher then prompts her class. What is prompting?
A) Repeating the cue.
B) Using body language to convey a message.
C) Verbally stating what she expects her students to do.
D) Putting a bubble into her mouth silently.

9. Eddie got a perfect score on his test so his teacher gave him a homework pass so he could skip an assignment. What did she do?
A) Negatively reinforced his good score.
B) Punished him.
C) Positively reinforced his good beahvior.
D) She did nothing.

10. Johnny was disrepectful towards his teacher. So she took away his recess time and made him write lines. What did she do?
A) Negative reinforcement
B) Normal teacher stuff
C) Punished him
D) Positive Reinforcement

11. What did Johnny%27s teacher do wrong in the previous question?
A) She was too harsh.
B) She didn%27t go to the principle.
C) She didn%27t call his parents.
D) She made writing a negative thing.