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Author: Moreno Angela
Description: Answer each question and choose the correct answer.
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1. Where do you live?
A) I like salad
B) I live in Sabadell
C) I live at Sabadell
D) I live in Joaquim Blume

2. How are you?
A) I%27m 8
B) It%27s pink
C) I%27m a student
D) I%27m fine

3. What%27s your favourite colour?
A) It%27s a cat
B) It%27s sunny
C) It%27s green
D) They are blue

4. What%27s the weather like today?
A) It%27s sunny and cold
B) It%27s Wednesday
C) It%27s red and blue
D) It%27s three o%27clock

5. Which day is it today?
A) It%27s Monday 3th of September
B) It%27s monday 3rd of september
C) It%27s monday 3th of september
D) It%27s Monday 3rd of September

6. Have you got any brothers or sisters?
A) Yes, I have
B) Yes, I has
C) No, I have
D) No, I hasn%27t

7. What are you wearing today?
A) She%27s wearing a purple dress
B) I%27m wearing a blue t-shirt
C) I%27m wearing a black jeans
D) I%27m wearing blue t-shirt

8. What is he wearing today?
A) He%27s wearing a white jeans
B) He%27s wearing a dress pink
C) He%27s wearing blue jeans
D) He%27s wearing a yellow socks

9. What is she wearing today?
A) She%27s wearing a grey jeans
B) She%27s wearing a red dress
C) I%27m wearing purple socks
D) He%27s wearing a hat

10. Do you like ice-cream?
A) Yes, I like
B) Yes, she like
C) No, I like
D) No, he doesn%27t like

11. Can you play football?
A) No, she can%27t
B) Yes, he can%27t
C) Yes, he can
D) No, I can%27t