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The Industrial Revolution Quiz

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1. Has Elizabeth Bentley a clock?
A) Yes
B) No
C) We can%27t know it
D) She had it untill she started to work in the factory

2. In what kind of mill does Elizabeth Bentley work?
A) Woolen mill
B) Water mill
C) Stell mill
D) Flax mill

3. After the increase of the population, there is the growth of the request of:
A) Machinaries
B) Dry goods
C) Food
D) Pottery

4. What is a %22company%22 ?
A) A private association of merchants
B) A private association of students
C) A private association of soldiers
D) A private association of politicians

5. Who sponsored the sell of the morse telegraph in our Booklet?
A) The Morelli Company
B) The Quid Company
C) The Comtrade Company
D) The Kepoo Company

6. Children who worked in factories had:
A) To reach a specific height
B) To belong to reaches families
C) To have parents working in the factory
D) To be at least 8 years old

7. What was the women%27s conditions during the Industrial revolution?
A) They had to stay at home doing the houseworking
B) We have no depositions
C) They worked in factories as men
D) They could work only as overlooker

8. What exacly does a doffer in a mill?
A) Have to overlook the workers%27 activity
B) Have to repaire machinery out of order
C) Have to clean the machines
D) Was the chief of the factory

9. What was the objective of the morse telegraph?
A) To make easier and faster the international comunication
B) To simplify the transportation
C) To make simpler the relationships among blind people
D) To more easly write letters