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Medical vocabulary

Author: flores frida
Description: Match words given on the right with their definition on the left. you will find vocabulary from the video and also a review of vocabulary learned in lesson 2.
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0. Disease
1. Symptom
2. Break
3. Burn
4. Bug
5. Illness
6. Terminal Disease
7. Wound
8. Sore throat
9. Sprain
10. Injury
11. Remedy
12. MD
13. Appointment
14. Swallow
15. Physician

0. an act that damages or hurts affecting the body.
1. period of sickness affecting the body or mind.
2. Use to fix an illness.
3. An injury caused by falls. It hapes to the bones.
4. an injury almost like a break.
5. Somwbody who takes care of sick people.
6. Virus.
7. a wound produced by the contat with fire,
8. something tthat phisicaly hurts.
9. A disorder or incorrectly functioning organ, structure or system.
10. Cause or allow something, especially food compass down the throat.
11. medical doctor.
12. A fixed mutual agreement for a meeting.
13. Pain caused by inflammation due to a cold or another virus.
14. A disease without a cure.
15. A physical or mental feature that is apparent to the patient.