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Art elements%26Design principles

Author: Bahrami Sabah
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0. Space
1. Balance
2. Colour
3. Contrast
4. Harmony
5. Texture
6. Centre of interest
7. Value/Tone
8. Line
9. Unity
10. Repetition
11. Form
12. Rhythm
13. Shape
14. Emphasis
15. Pattern

0. Mark on surface that describes shape or outline
1. Hues - Chroma, Intensity %26 Value. Colour wheel - chromatic scale
2. Convey particular significance and/or meanings in composition
3. Degree of light and dark. Contrast b/w black and white
4. 2D line with no form or thickness
5. Some change in value creating visual discord in composition
6. Visual effects achieved by repeating same shape, colour etc
7. Elements of an art work occur more than once. Eg. create unity
8. 3D object having volume and thickness
9. The way art elements in composition works together
10. Movement in which some elements recurs regulary
11. Feeling of visual equality in shape, form, value, colour etc
12. Methods used by the artist to suggest sense in depth
13. Surface quality either tacticle or visual
14. Brings together composition with similar units.
15. Area that first attracts attention in a composition