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Life Science Vocabulary

Author: Leonard Rhonda
Keywords: Arkansas, 5th grade, Life Science, Vocabulary, , , online teaching

0. biome
1. producer
2. cell wall
3. ecosystem
4. interdependent
5. cytoplasm
6. cellular respiration
7. chloroplasts
8. niche
9. photosynthesis
10. limiting factors
11. population
12. food chain
13. community
14. carrying capacity
15. mitochondria

0. jellylike substance inside a cell
1. organisms in an ecosystem depend upon each other
2. the job or role an organism has in its ecosystem
3. organelle where food is converted into energy
4. maxium number of organisms that can survive in an area
5. large scale ecosystem which may cover many countries
6. all the organisms of the same species that live in an area
7. the process by which plants make food using sunlight
8. all the populations in an area
9. shows the energy transfer through a series of organisms
10. an organism that can make its own food using sunlight
11. food, water, shelter, space, and climate
12. sugar %2b oxygen = energy %2b carbon dioxide %2b water
13. rigid outer layer that supports and protects plant cells
14. all the living and nonliving things in an area
15. organelle in plant cells where food is made