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Arabica or robusta?

Author: Cogle Charlotte
Description: Sort the facts into either arabica or robusta. There are no double-ups.
Keywords: Coffee, Arabica, Robusta, , , , online teaching

1. Arabica
2. Robusta
3. group_name3
4. group_name4

0. Flat, oval shape
1. Disease can be a problem
2. Espresso and plunger
3. Single origin
4. Straight line in bean
5. Highest prices
6. Sweet smelling
7. Greater harvested amounts
8. Mild flavour, sometimes tangy
9. Can grow at lower altitudes
10. 75%25 of world production
11. Most widely produced
12. Small, round beans
13. 600-1800 meters altitude
14. Highest quality
15. Instant and cheaper blends
16. Harsh, bitter taste
17. Blended and unblended
18. Has more caffeine
19. Can grow in hot conditions
20. Popular crop in 3rd world countries
21. S-shaped line in bean
22. Easy and cheap to grow
23. Hardy, disease not much of a problem