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Questions, Arab Israeli Conflict (Covers Both Sets of Notes)

Author: Kolo Jeffrey
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1. Term for the %22scattering%22 of Jews that occurred after the Romans destroyed the temple in 70 A.D.:
A) nakba
B) intifada
C) diaspora
D) kibbutz

A) Arab Israeli Map 1.jpg

3. Which of the following is TRUE about the above picture?
A) The proposed 1947 borders remain the borders in Palestine today
B) An Arab and a Jewish state were created as drawn in the plan shown here
C) Israel currently occupies much more territory than what was proposed in this map
D) These remained Israel%27s boundaries from 1948 through the 1967 war

A) Arab Israel Map 2.gif

5. The above map shows Israel/Palestine after the 1948 War. Which of the following statements is True?
A) Israel gained control of no additional land as a result of its victory
B) the Palestinian Arabs gained more land for their future state
C) Israel had already taken land beyond the proposed 1947 borders
D) the 1948 war resulted in no changes to the map of Palestine

A) Israel-after-Six-Day-War.jpg

7. The above map shows Israel/Palestine. What is represented on this map?
A) The original 1947 UN Partitition Plan
B) The result of the 1948 Arab-Israeli War
C) The result of the 1967 Six Day War
D) The status of Palestine in the 1920s and 30s

8. This event marked the beginning of the Second Intifada:
A) Israel invaded Lebanon
B) Israel blockaded Gaza
C) Israel seized the Goaln Heights
D) Ariel Sharon stood on the Temple Mount with armed guards

A) Dome of Rock.jpg

10. Pictured above; it commemorates Muhammad%27s night hourney into heaven:
A) Dome of the Rock
B) Masjid al-Haram
C) Kabaa
D) Mosque of the Prophet

A) church of holy sepulchre.jpg

12. Pictured above; built on what is believed to be site of Jesus%27 death and burial
A) Church of All Nations
B) Church of the Holy Sepulchre
C) Church of the Resurrection
D) Church of the Transfiguration

A) wailing wall.jpg

14. Pictured above; shows what is believed to have been an original part of the Jewish temple:
A) Wall of Lamentation
B) Wailing Wall
C) Wall of the Covenant
D) Sacred Wall

15. Which of the following was NOT true about the Camp David Accords (1978)?
A) the Palestinians were instantly granted self-rule in the occupied territories
B) it led to the assassination of Anwar Sadat
C) Egypt agreed to recognize Israel
D) Israel withdrew from the Sinai Peninsula

16. Which of the following was NOT true about the Oslo Accords (1993)?
A) the PLO agreed to recognize Israel
B) although slowly, it was implemented as planned
C) it set a %22road map%22 to transition the occupied territories to Palestinian self-rule
D) it led to the assassination of Israeli PM Yitzahk Rabin

17. In 2005, in the West Bank:
A) Israel built a %22barrier%22
B) Israel voluntarily destroyed all Israeli settlements
C) the Palestinians gained complete independence
D) the European Union (EU) took temporary control of the region

18. Under international law, Isreali occupation of the West Bank and Gaza strip has been considered illegal.

19. In building the barrier around the West Bank, the Israelis took great care to make sure they did not go beyond the boundaries established in 1967.

20. He followed Yassar Arafat as the head of the Palestinian Authority:
A) Ahmed Qurei
B) Mohammad Dahlen
C) Mahmoud Abbas
D) Jibril Rajoub