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Application Software Vocab

Author: Cunningham Melissa
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0. Microsoft Word
1. Upgrade
2. Microsoft Access
3. Software as a Service (SaaS)
4. Microsoft Excel
5. Single-User License
6. Bundleware
7. Shareware
8. Freeware
9. Mobile Apps
10. Open Source
11. Patch
12. Network License
13. Application Software
14. Web Applications
15. Microsoft PowerPoint

0. Free for a trial basis only
1. Software that helps you perform specific tasks
2. Creates text documents
3. Free, cannot be modified
4. Accessed through a Web browser
5. Software programs designed for smart phones or tablets
6. Gives you permission to use the program
7. Can install software on a single computer only
8. Can install software on a server for use by multiple computer
9. Creates databases of info that can be searched %26 queried
10. Software on the Internet %26 requires a user ID %26 password
11. Fixes software that you already own
12. Requires the purchase of a newer version of the software
13. Comes with a new computer
14. Creates slideshow presentations through special effects
15. Software programs designed for desktop or laptop computers