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Vocabulary Guideline #4

Author: Moreno Dayssi
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0. Slogan
1. Shocking
2. Endorsement
3. Consumer
4. Banner Ad
5. Point- of sale-advertising
6. Strange
7. Sponsorship
8. Hoarding
9. Free sample
10. Stuntman
11. Target
12. Advertisements
13. Broadcaster
14. Worry
15. Advertorial

0. Advertisement that appears across the top of a page on web
1. To be or cause to be anxious/ something uncertain
2. A large sign used for advertising
3. Person to transmit announcements or programmes.
4. Its television equivalent is %27infomercial.%27
5. Short advertising phrase that is easy to remember
6. Odd, unusual or extraordinary in appearance, effect, manner.
7. Small amount of a product given away to show what it is like.
8. Finance to pay for sports event in exchange for advertising.
9. A purchaser of a good or a service
10. Who performs dangerous feats
11. Impactant causing shock, horror, or disgust.
12. Someone famous says in an advert that they like a product.
13. Advertising done at the place where a product is sold.
14. any public notice, as a printed display in a media.
15. Any objective to fullfill.