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Vocabulary Guideline #4

Author: Moreno Dayssi
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0. Advertorial
1. Stuntman
2. Broadcaster
3. Advertisements
4. Free sample
5. Banner Ad
6. Strange
7. Point- of sale-advertising
8. Sponsorship
9. Target
10. Worry
11. Hoarding
12. Endorsement
13. Shocking
14. Slogan
15. Consumer

0. Who performs dangerous feats
1. Finance to pay for sports event in exchange for advertising.
2. Short advertising phrase that is easy to remember
3. To be or cause to be anxious/ something uncertain
4. Small amount of a product given away to show what it is like.
5. Person to transmit announcements or programmes.
6. Any objective to fullfill.
7. Someone famous says in an advert that they like a product.
8. any public notice, as a printed display in a media.
9. A purchaser of a good or a service
10. Its television equivalent is %27infomercial.%27
11. Odd, unusual or extraordinary in appearance, effect, manner.
12. Advertisement that appears across the top of a page on web
13. Impactant causing shock, horror, or disgust.
14. A large sign used for advertising
15. Advertising done at the place where a product is sold.