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APA Lit Review

Author: Francis Alisha
Description: Match the section from the paper that corresponds to the reference
Keywords: , , , , , , online teaching

0. Discussion
1. Procedure
2. Abstact
3. Materials
4. Results
5. Literature Review
6. Does start on a new page
7. Introduction
8. Citations
9. References
10. Includes findings but not numerical results
11. Headings
12. Discussion
13. Begins with general research area
14. Method
15. Does not start on a new page

0. Includes an entry for every source cited
1. Discussion
2. References
3. Summarizes the findings
4. Discussion
5. Included in the Introduction
6. summarizes the results, tells how they fit and what%27s next
7. explains how the study was conducted
8. First Major section of the paper
9. Give credit and help locate information in the references
10. Help the reader locate information within the text
11. Tells what happened and in what order
12. presents the numerical findings from the analysis
13. Introduction
14. summarizes the content of the manuscript
15. Should include at paragraph explaining each measurement