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AP Midterm exam key ideas-revi

Author: Hall Matthew
Description: It is very important to complete this activity before taking the Midterm exam. Please go through the %22familiarize%22 section before doing the %22solve%22 matching exercise.
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0. gender roles in Pre-Columbian America
1. measures such as recall and referendum
2. 1832 election
3. work which contributed to some federal meat inspection
4. Who was Upton Sinclair?
5. pre
7. W.E.B Dubois
8. recall
9. inter
10. Progressives borrowed from this previous movement
11. muckraker
12. Back to Africa movement
13. A Century of Dishonor
14. Interstate Commerce Act
15. referendum

0. opposed by the NAACP
1. prefix meaning before
2. allowed voters to remove elected officals with a vote
3. prefix meaing between
4. novelist who penned The Jungle
5. novel emphasized Native American mistreatment
6. put an issue on a ballot for people to vote upon
7. measures meant to shift power to the people
8. law seeking to limit exploitive pricing used by railroads
9. influential advocate of African American social equality
10. civil rights organization
11. journalist who exposed societal ills or problems
12. Populism
13. What was The Jungle?
14. first political race in which there were nominating conventions
15. tasks were divided between men and women