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Antibiotics and Disinfectants

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0. It can react with organic compound. What is it?
1. Autoclave can be categorized as....
2. Triclosan can cause....
3. Incineration can be categorized as.....
4. What is static agent?
5. What is antibiotics resistance?
6. It can be used for water treatment.
7. What is antisepsis?
8. What is cidal agent?
9. Boiling cannot destroy....
10. What is the effect of radiation?
11. What is the effect of organic acids?
12. Gaseous sterilant can cause....
13. Nisin can....
14. What is degerming?
15. It is effective but usually toxic. What is it?

0. Halogen.
1. Denaturation of protein.
2. Spores.
3. Disruption of plasma membrane.
4. Dry heat sterilization.
5. Agent the kill microbes.
6. Removal of microbes from limited area.
7. Prevent the spoilage of cheese.
8. Agent the inhibit the growth of microbes.
9. The ability of microbes to resist the effect of antibiotics.
10. Disruption of DNA.
11. UV radiation.
12. Removal of pathogens from living tissues.
13. Heavy metal.
14. Steam sterilization.
15. Inhibit metabolism.